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"If you're looking for some feel-good music, you need look no farther. Yellow Delicious serves it up quite nicely with Get Some."

- Score Music Magazine review of "Get Some!" 

"...combining punk rock guitar sounds with classic rock melodies in a fun, original way...the guitar melodies sound like a combination of garage rock strumming with Weezer-esque riffs...the solos are great and showcase their talent for blending several different genres into one."

- The Wig Fits All Heads review of "Get Some!" 

"Yellow Delicious plays no-keyboard new-wave rock like it's 1981, with a foot in the '70s...sounds like a best-of disc from a band that had a string of Top 40 hits the last time skinny ties were in..."

- Cleveland Scene Magazine 

"...'Get Some' sounds like the band wrote it after listening to Elvis Costello and Jimmy Eat World all morning. Make no mistake: They have the Knack."

- Cleveland Scene Magazine - Best Of Cleveland '05 


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