Remembering Eddie Money

We had the opportunity to open for Eddie in Cleveland.  The fact that he allowed an opening act was cool in itself.  When we came off stage after our set, we ran into him backstage.  I'll never forget,  he looked at me and said,  "I heard you tried to kick my ass out there!"  I  didn't know what to say and then he said "great job guys ", I knew he was complimenting us.  We chatted, shook hands, and asked if we could take a picture with him.   He said, "Sure,  come and get a picture with your Uncle Eddie!"  We all went away from that night thinking, "What a cool, funny, down to earth guy".  So thank you "Uncle Eddie" for the great opportunity and the wonderful memory.  We are forever fans.  You will be missed but your songs will live on.


Sounds Delicious

"If you're looking for some feel-good music, you need look no farther. Yellow Delicious serves it up quite nicely with Get Some."

- Score Music Magazine review of "Get Some!"

"...combining punk rock guitar sounds with classic rock melodies in a fun, original way...the guitar melodies sound like a combination of garage rock strumming with Weezer-esque riffs...the solos are great and showcase their talent for blending several different genres into one."

- The Wig Fits All Heads review of "Get Some!"

"Yellow Delicious plays no-keyboard new-wave rock like it's 1981, with a foot in the '70s...sounds like a best-of disc from a band that had a string of Top 40 hits the last time skinny ties were in..."

- Cleveland Scene Magazine 

"...'Get Some' sounds like the band wrote it after listening to Elvis Costello and Jimmy Eat World all morning. Make no mistake: They have the Knack."

- Cleveland Scene Magazine - Best Of Cleveland '05

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